EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

  • With the EDGE software, you can certify your green hospital.

At EDGE-certified hospitals, care is shown for patients and the planet.

Since hospitals operate 24/7 they consume 2.5 times the energy of an equivalent commercial building. But medical facilities can provide state-of-the-art treatment while minimizing energy and water use if the right decisions are made at the design stage. EDGE enables healthcare facilities to target those areas where technologies can  significantly reduce energy bills and help facility managers stay within tight budgets.

EDGE relies on the number of beds, floors and occupancy rates, as well as the size of operating rooms, intensive care units and diagnostic services, to create a base case model. Several types of medical facilities can be EDGE certified, including a public, private or multi-specialty hospital, an eye care or dental practice, or a clinic or diagnostic center.

The aim is to engineer a facility that provides the highest standards of healthcare without wasting resources. That is why for hospitals in emerging markets, EDGE is a wise decision to make.


Hospitals are among the most energy-intensive of all buildings, yet patients want their care to be delivered in an environmentally responsible way.


To keep the hospital’s bottom line healthy while persuading the patient to choose one high-quality medical facility over another.


Green hospitals can channel energy savings into better patient care, earning a brand of trust from the community while leading by example.

Take the first steps to designing a resource-efficient hospital with EDGE.

It takes less than 30 minutes to design a resource-efficient hospital with EDGE. Determine the solutions that make the most sense at the least cost, keeping the preference of your patients in mind. EDGE has built-in climate data that is specific to where your property is located, for the most accurate results. Go to the EDGE App to get started.